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Spring/Summer OPt OUT

March 2, 2013 - March 17, 2013
March 17, 2013
March 17, 2013
(this is a team hosted event)



OLY is currently preparing for the up-coming long course season.  We are asking that our current membership declare their intentions for the season by March 17th.

There will be four options for you this season, they are:

  1. Swim long course– April 8th through the end of July.  If you choose this option you DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING.  We are assuming that anyone who does not declare their intentions in any area will be swimming long course.   You will continue to be billed monthly and be required to meet all volunteer and fundraising requirements.  There is no additional registration fee; all fall registration fees are good through August.
  2. Swim “Spring Tune Up” only (April 8th thru May)- This will be provided for swimmers who do summer swim club and want to continue to swim up until the summer leagues start to practice.  You will be billed for April and May.  Again, no further registration fees apply.  You will be required to meet all volunteer and fundraising requirements.
  3. Summer Swim only (June and July)– This will be provided for swimmers who may have other activities in the spring but want to swim during the summer.   Again, no further registration fees apply.  You will be required to meet all volunteer and fundraising requirements.
  4. Opt –Out of all spring and summer swimming– For swimmers who do not want to participate in any of the above sessions.  Accounts will be hidden and no billing will take place between March and August.  You will still be required to meet all volunteer and fundraising requirements.

It’s key that you declare your intentions so we can plan accordingly for pool space, coaching staff, and how many new members we will be able to accommodate.  If you do not respond we will assume you will be swimming long course. 

If you opt out and change your mind later, your swimmer may be placed on a waitlist if there is not room in their training group.

The group placement will be slightly different this year for our Junior groups, Junior 1 and Junior 2 will be combined and will become Junior -  10&Under and Junior - 11/12 year olds.    This will revert back to Junior 1 and Junior 2 in the fall. 

The group placements for the groups are as follows:

Technique Group Spring 2013

Zach Armstrong

Andrew Carpenter

John Cicco

Emma Ciesla

Lucy Cook

Elizabeth Donoghue

Peyton Donovan

Maeve Dunckel

Andrew Galben

Dianna Kucy

Jordan Laba

Laura Liu

Luke Pedroche


Jennifer Wojcik

Jessica Zheng


10 and Under Junior Group Spring 2013

Mallory Bergman

Olivia Blevins

Colin Brigmann

Michael Carpenter

Rebecca Chow-Wah

Emily Cooper

Michael Cooper

Rachelle Deng

Nathan Drouin

Ryan Duan

Megan Duda

Keaton Fitzgerald

Kenneth Gu


Vallen Huang

Preeta Kamat

Roma Kamat

Riley Kisser

Ryan Kisser

Adam Laba

Jacqueline Lee

Felix Liang

Jeremy Liu

Michelle Liu

Eric Luo

Rebecca Mao

Jacob Mattson

Dillon Mavunga

Graesen McAllister

Andrew Pan

Anna Pregler

Shannon Ricker

Azeem Saifee

Ellen Schenden

Riley Sieber

Sunidhi Shintre

Arya Sunhil

Claire Sweetwood

Isabella Tang

Stephanie Tchardakova

Jackie Tedesco

Emily Tran

Matt Wu

Daniel Xu

Eric Yuan

Andrew Zhao


11-12 Junior Group Spring 2013

Kevin Chang

Jasmine Cheng

Hannah Cooper

Helen Dong

Madeline Duda

Andy Feng

James Gu

Kathleen Gu

Vincent Huang


Ethan Laba

Juno Lee

Katherine Lee

Quan Lee

Tonia Li

Eric Ma

Zoish Mehta

Varsha Nama

Swamroop Nandwani

Jason Nie

Dhruv Rungta

Jacqulyn Schaefer

Daivik Suresh

Anshule Takyar

Katherine Tenniswood

Victoria Thor

Thomas Trueax

Lillian Valentine

Emily Wang

Kevin Wang

Jerome Wiater

Jacqueline Wojcik


Oliver Yu

Alec Xu

Bright Xu


Senior Red Spring 2013

Lisa Cao

Cecilia Cousins

Kristin Daniel

Wendy Dong

Eleanor Dunckel

Samantha Ekleberry

Heather Gu

Michael Hu

Rohan Kamat

Elisabeth Mattson

Robert Mu

Claire Schenden

Lucille Schenden

Caroline Szydlowski

George Tang

Emily Tenniswood

Nicholas Tran

Christopher Westgate

Richard Yan

Catherine Zheng

Connor Barbara

Jene Han

Natalie Hayes

Sydney Heisler

Eric Jin

Kay Lichtenberg


Aiden Schurig

Anne Wampler

Payton Hoff

Sydney Schurig

Florence Grypinich

Leah Healy

Emily Mao

Rashna Soonavala

Daniel Wang

Daniel Won

Austin Xu

Forrest Yang

Jason Ye

Sean Flynn

Scott Nolan

Robert Stefanowski


Senior Blue Spring 2013

Paityn Donaldson

Emmiline Dunckel

William Hodges

Chase Kent

Grace McGinnis

David Nie

Mackenzie Simon

Julia Szydlowski

Samantha Villani

Victor Wang

Sunny Bhullar

Alex Blankenberg

Pat Costello

Mariah Heisler

Blake Kent

Blake Kniffen

Jack Kucharczyk

Christine Leong

Kyle Lichtenberg

Callum Liddiard

Christian Liddiard

AJ Mattson

Debbie Mattson

Claire McGinnis

Aaron Pang

DJ Rusiewski

Nick Scott

Madeline Tegner

Hannah Berich

Kathryn French

Allison Zweng


Practice times are tentatively scheduled and will remain consistent until June/July when school is out and OU shuts down their pool. 

Spring Schedule 2013 (Tentative)



M-Th                       5:30-6:30 pm                        OU


10&U Junior 

M/W                        5:30-7:00 pm                        OU

T/Th                        5:30-7:00 pm                        Avondale

Sa                           2:00-3:30 pm                        OU


11&12 Junior

M/W                        7:00-8:30 pm                        OU

T/Th                        7:00-8:30 pm                        Avondale

Sa                           2:00-3:30 pm                        OU


Senior Red

M/W                        7:00-9:00 pm                        OU

T/Th                        5:30-7:30 pm                        OU

F                              5:00-7:00 pm                        Avondale

Su                           5:00-7:00 pm                        OU


Senior Blue

M                             5:00-7:00 pm                        Avondale

T/Th                        7:00-9:00 pm                        OU

Th (am)                  5:00-6:30 am                        Avondale

F                              5:30-7:30 pm                        OU

Sa                           9:00-10:45 am                     OU

                                4:00-6:00 pm                        OU

Su                           7:30-9:00 am                        OU

                                3:00-5:00 pm                        OU


Lastly, if you do not plan to return in the fall, please let us know so that we can open up the slots for other swimmers and suspend your account.  This will eliminate any further emails and notifications from OLY.  Volunteer hours and fundraising will be figured from the time when we receive your notification of leaving the team.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Joe Pang, President

Dione Szydlowski, Vice President

Cathy Daniel, Membership Chair